Caribbean Seamoss  **ALL NATURAL**   NOT FARMED

Caribbean Seamoss **ALL NATURAL** NOT FARMED

Caribbean Sea Moss

Our sea moss is wildcrafted from the depths of the Caribbean ocean in it’s natural environment.
It is in it’s most natural form, nothing added.


This pure sea moss is sun-dried over the span of a
few days. During this time the sea moss will lighten in color and slightly shrink, thus allowing
easier packaging. However, the nutrients held within the sea moss is retained during this
process, thus allowing you to reap the benefits once rehydrated.



Store sea moss in a tight sealed container or package in a cool dry place. Unopened packages
has approximately a year shelf life, while opened packages should be used within three months.
To hydrate:


Take amount of sea moss you want to use out of the package and wash the
residual sea salt using a colander and water. Once rinsed, place sea moss in a bowl and cover
moss with water. Allow the sea moss to soak over night. Your sea moss will be hydrated and
expand. Drain water from bowl and use as needed.


Benefits of Sea Moss:
* Helps thyroid function
* May increase immune system
* Eases digestive problems
* High in iron, great for anemia






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